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The Rise of Workout Routines During the Pandemic

5 day workout routine

Being stuck at home with nothing to do, but binge watching your favorite Netflix series and stuffing yourself with your favorite food had become a way of life after the pandemic. It had been an ideal getaway from the rapid pacing world, but one that had continued for more than one had expected.  Spending more than a year in lockdown, many have come out equipped with flourishing new talents, while others have slacked. Among the former are some who have used this break to take make their fitness first.

Despite the lockdown and lack of limited or no access to outdoors or indoor gyms, fitness enthusiasts had turned their home’s everyday use furniture and infrastructure to maintain their muscles. If you have been looking for inspiration, then you have luckily ended up in the right place. We are sharing a few workout routines that you can adopt for that most coveted ‘fitness time you have been wanting to add to your routine.

The Bridge

Initiate your workout regimen with this light exercise so you can trust your system for a full body workout. Great for warming up, this exercise will activate your posterior chain.

Simply lie on your back with your knees bent and your back straight on a mat. Push your bottoms up, and slowly release them, repeat after fully raising your body. Be mindful of keeping a low threshold initially so you don’t hurt yourself.

Chair Squat

Squats strengthen your legs, hence if you have been embracing a sedentary lifestyle working from home, squats will help you regain that sense of movement and productivity while you are still at home. Stand in front of a chair with your arms extended and feet apart. Bend your knees and perk your hip slightly out. Bend your knees, lower back, and bottom, allow it to touch the chair as you move up and down. Repeat the process as you continue.

Forearm Plank

Disclaimer: this is a full body workout and requires your body to be in the position of strength and balance, if you are starting new then be careful. Assume a plank position on your forearms and straighten up your body that t should look straight from head to toe. Hold the position for 30 seconds as a beginner and then you can extend the time limit. 

Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is only to be practiced when you are feeling energized, and your body has become accustomed to workouts. Lie on the back and bring your legs to your stomach bent. Bend your elbows and place your hands behind your head. Crunch up and bring your left hand to your right knee – finally relaxing and doing the same with your right hand and left knee. You can rep according to your need and liking. 

You can mold your routine around these four exercises, to create a 5 day workout routine. But, any workout routine is useless and lacks efficacy if you don’t have the right gear for it. Initiate this journey to fitness by getting the right gym wear at Equip your closet with fitness tights, and workout running shirts so you can carve those muscles as per your liking.

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