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5 Popular Gen Z Fashion Trends

Gen Z fashion trends 2021

Other than their music, slang, and media, a generation is mostly defined by their fashion. We can thank the millennials for their skinny, low-waisted jeans, their athleisure, their Ugg boots, their long cardigans, and their graphic tees. Baby boomers, on the other hand, gave us the gift of fashion liberation for women in the form of bikinis, hot pants, mini-skirts, chic boots, and so on. These days, Gen Z fashion is all the rage. From crop tops to flared jeans, Gen Z is indefinitely taking over the fashion world. Read on to find out the top 5 popular Gen Z fashion trends 2021that you can try this year.

Hell of a Fashion

#1 Crop Tops:

The youth of today isn’t interested in anything if it isn’t cropped, and we’re totally on board. Not only just crop tops, but you’ll also find a plethora of cropped sweaters, cropped jackets, cropped vests, and cropped everything in the closets of Gen Z-ers. This set of casual cropped tank tops from Hell Of A Fashion are the perfect staple for your wardrobe to create a casual chic outfit every day.

Hell of a Fashion

#2 Flared Jeans:

Yes; crop tops are the perfect casual staple in your wardrobe, but what do you pair them with? A pair of statement-flared jeans, of course! Gen Z-ers have shunned skinny jeans for good; it’s all about loose boot-cut jeans and flared pants now. Pair a snug crop top with a pair of these bold flared jeans from Hell Of A Fashion for the chicest silhouette of the year.

Hell of a Fashion

#3 Scarf Tops:

While we’re still on the topic of crop tops, it seems that Gen Z fashion doesn’t accept longer tops. We’re not complaining because what’s the harm in showing a little midriff? Scarf tops are the ultimate Gen Z staple in the summer, being as they’re the perfect blend of lush and sultry. This square silk scarf from Hell Of A Fashion is the perfect candidate.

Hell of a Fashion

#4 Corset Tops:

Surprise, surprise; corsets are finally back in style and in the chicest way possible. Corset tops are the hottest Gen Z statement piece that you must have in your closet. Ideally dressed up with minimalistic gold jewelry, this black velvet corset top from Hell Of A Fashion will be your best friend on semi-formal occasions.

Hell of a Fashion

#5 Pleated Skirts:

It’s no secret that Gen Z has a thing for aesthetics. Whether it be cottage-core or cybergoth, they like to portray their aesthetic through fashion. However, dark academia became the most popular out of all, meaning the comeback of school-girl fashion. This beige pleated skirt from Hell Of A Fashion is the perfect preppy statement to embody your academic side this year.

The main revolution of Gen Z fashion is the melding of masculine and feminine fashion, as gender slowly lessens in importance in the fashion industry. The lesson to learn is everything’s chic for everyone, which is exactly what Hell Of A Fashion believes in. Head on over to their website at to shop the latest Gen Z trends and update your wardrobe ASAP!

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