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Top 5 Clip Hairstyles for Short Hair

easy hairstyles for short hair

Hair clips are all the rage at the moment. Reviving the 90s trend of chunky hair clips has been on the priority list for most hairstylists. Whether you have been scrolling through Instagram or living in the moment yourself – hairclips are the new cutting-edge hair accessory of the year. Whether you own a luxurious mane of hair that is cut into an angular bob, or you rock a brief cascade of tresses that mimics an art piece, you will be compelled to try these easy hairstyles for sure!

The Middle Part

Create texture in your hair as you manage to add some drama to your hair with your straightener. Once you are through the phase of creating beach waves, part your hair from the middle using a guiding comb. With your hair parted in the middle, push each side back and add these beautiful pearl clips on each side of your middle-parted hair right above your ear. If you have been on the lookout for an easy hairstyle for short hair this just is the most versatile hairdos for short hair. You can wear this hairstyle to a wedding, as much as you can flaunt it on a picnic with your girlfriends.

The Twisted  Cascade

It seems short hair for girls are the big deal at the moment. So, take up on the trend as you swim through an ocean of amazing hairstyles. Detangle your hair and take the front two strands. Twist the strands and hold them together at the back of your head, so that they meet at the same point. Once done, secure the twisted hair with a butterfly clip like the one shown in the picture. This hairstyle is fit for weddings, dinner dates, and holiday gatherings as it is subtle, feminine, and romantic. To add more dimension to your hair, you might want to curl the ends so they appear bouncy.

Top Bun With Clips

If you are tired of the heat, and your hair falling on your neck from a high ponytail then it is time you tried something new such as a high top bun that is secured with an elastic band. As for the hair falling, take them in your hand and twist twice, and secure them using these aesthetically pleasing hair clips. They protect in style so you don’t have to worry about the tiny strands sneaking past the top bun.

Twist And Clip

Short hair hairstyles can be very limited if one does not have the right eye, or the right skill to handle them. But, if you are someone who likes experimenting and playing around with hair and hair accessories then you are going to love this. All you have to do is detangle your hair, curl the end with a curling rod, and part your hair on one side so it creates a pompadour style at one end. Once you are done, add the clips on the other side to make it prominent.

The Statement Look With Clips

Looking for a romantic hairdo for your dinner date? Look no further, this statement romantic hairdo is the epitome of an effortlessly chic and easy hairstyle for short hair. Simply, add curls to a few hair strands at the front and then pull them back in a loose ponytail. Secure your hair with this rhinestone studded clip to complete the look. 

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