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5 Stunning Headbands You Should Try


Revisiting the diva of headbands, none other than Blair Waldorf we have put together a list of 5 stunning headbands that you can try this summer season.  Revamp your closet, and stock up all the designs you like, because you are guaranteed to ache for each design after reading this article! Sit back in your seat as we present the best 5 designs that are selling out fast this season.

 The Flower Bandana Wrap Turban

This iconic wrap turban-style headband is an epic hair accessory for women with unmanageable hair. It is spacious, and light – a quality that is hard to find in hair accessories these days. You can pair it up with all solid color dresses as you visit a long-lost friend, or prep up for an Instagram-worthy photoshoot as you pair it up with a classy floral midi dress.

Bezel Luxurious Rhinestones Sponge Hairbands

If your overall look isn’t screaming sassy, then this hairband will surely draw all the attention that your dress couldn’t. Embellished with colorful rhinestones and a comfortable fit the Bezel Luxurious Rhinestones Sponge hairband is the epitome of simplicity meeting finesse. Add the required amount of bling to your look with the burst of color in the form of this iconic hairband.

Chain Stretch Elastic Hair Bands Leather

If you are planning on flaunting a chic country side girl look then this neutral toned chain stretch hairband is a must have in your closet. Accessorizing has never been this easy. So grab on your favorite hair accessory as you get ready to stun those around you. Create a boho chic front braid or a French braid – as you like and add this beautiful leather made elastic hairband to finish off the look.

Feather Elastic Headband

You couldn’t make it to Coachella because of the pandemic? That is perfectly alright. You can have your little show play out in the wild as you dress up in a breezy maxi as you parade through the backyard. Compliment your free soul look with a feather hairband as shown below. Not only it matches the vibe, but also adds a personal touch to your overall look. You can wear it as it is and create an effortless look. Moreover, it is available in a plethora of colors and styles, so you have the freedom to choose as you like and create as innovatively as you can! 

Letter “OMG” Coral Fleece Soft Bow Headbands

Who doesn’t enjoy a ‘me’ day at home, where you can give the right treatment, your body truly deserves? Put on your favorite music and light up those aromatherapy candles as you prepare a warm bubble bath for yourself. Prep up for a spa treatment, but most importantly swipe your hair back from your forehead with a comfortable and equally adorable hairband as this fleece hairband.

Hurry up as all of these hairbands are selling out fast on! You need to get yours before all of them are gone – hurry up!

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